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The Nightmare (detail)Henry Fuseli, 1780-81

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“a man shouldn’t have to live on carbohydrates alone, complex or otherwise”

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Augustus Edwin Mulready ‘A street flower seller’ (detail) 1882.

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Françoise Hardy photographed by Roger Kasparian in Paris, 1962.

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People also ask me why I never go to movies now. There are so many degrading movies. When actors kiss, they try to swallow each others’ tonsils. Audiences seem to laugh only at bad language; in my time, a man would be knocked down for saying such things in the presence of a lady. On top of that, movies nowadays are all alike, as if they were made on an assembly line. Hollywood has turned into an emotional Detroit.

Lillian Gish in People Magazine (February 09, 1987)

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"Somebody said to just get up there and be yourself … "

- Benedict on the advice he was given about receiving the Britannia Award [x]

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